'Status of Women Journalists in Nepal’

This research has shed light on various aspects of working women journalists in Nepal. Their quantitative and qualitative influence in journalism has been analyzed from different angles.The study also aims to bring out the viewpoints of the mainstream media stalwarts on women journalists, so that the gap could be easily filled.

Among the respondents countrywide, 61.9 percent said that there is no gender policy in the media houses. While 23.5 percent of the respondents did not like to reveal about the policy in their workplace, 14.7 percent of them stated that they have a separate gender policy in their media houses. Quitting this profession midway has been identifi ed as the major setback to women’s role and influence in the journalism sector. According to the editors or editorial teams in the media houses, women ‘lack the needed competence or effi ciency’ to move ahead in the fi eld. However, some editors appreciated women’s dedication and seriousness towards their profession.

Officials at different media organizations have cited women’s negligible presence in media as the main reason behind the lack of women’s leadership in this sector. Remarkably, some organizations revealed that they do have reservation policy in order to bring women to higher positions within the organizations.



Published Year: 2015-01-01
Copyright:Sancharika Samuha
Language: English